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 the last book club

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Books #31 and #32: Writing a Novel

I spent the month of November reading two books on how to structure a novel in preparation for Nanowrimo, which i participated in for the first time, successfully. They were straight forward and to the point, and really helped me through the beginning work of plotting...

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Book #33: Black AF: America’s Sweetheart

By: Kwanza Osajyefo  I picked this one up from Amalgam Comics a few years ago, but because I am not much of a comic reader, I just managed to get to it at the end of this year. This comic is about...

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Book #30: The Murmur of Bees **

By: Sofia Segovia Translated by: Simon Bruni THIS BOOK IS THE REAL DEAL! Magical realism, mixed with historical fiction, with a little bonus of learning how people in Mexico fared through the...

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Book #27: The Testaments

By: Margaret Atwood Oh my god! This was the completely unnecessary, yet hedonistically wonderful sequel to Handmaid's Tale. The world could have done without this book, and I understand why some...

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Book #26: Normal People

By: Sally Rooney Recommended to me by a cousin, I found this book very real. I sped through this is a couple of days, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Then I watched the miniseries to add a bit of Ireland...

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Welcome to the last book club

welcome to the last book club, one of the “other things.”

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