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Happy Women’s History Month!

February was rough and I only got one additional book in. Between work and work and running around, I intended to read about 6 books, and I just did not make it very far in any of them.

I also attempted to take on The People’s History of the United States, which I am now listening to on Audible. I got through about 9 chapters, and have about 20 hours of listening to do. I’ll keep ya posted, but so far, it’s looking like Columbus is a mass murderer who supported and contributed to the genocide of millions of indigenous people (not news to anyone at this point), racism is an intentional tool used to keep “lower classes” (the 99%) disjointed and feuding so they don’t notice when the 1% gets away with literal murder. The system of slavery was always consistently violent. There were a considerable number of revolts, and running aways. The book is filled with actual historical accounts that are at this point pretty common knowledge, but tell the actual tales of how we got to where we are as a society. Intentional and Unintentional ignorance, racism, hatred, fear, and MONEYYYYYY fuel our country. I planned on finishing in February, but fell far from the mark. Maybe i’ll finish in March? I’ll keep you posted.

On to March, with 42 books to go. I will try to read at least 4 this month.