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By: Elizabeth Strout

Because I like to go into books mostly blind, I, didn’t necessarily do my homework on this one. This was actually the last book I bought in 2019, before beginning this challenge in 2020. I didn’t realize that it was a sequel, and I probably would have enjoyed it infinitely more had I first read Olive Kitteridge. The story in Olive Again, follows Olive as she ages into her mid 80’s, and I thought that the stories were lovely, even when touching on some of the harder parts of aging (and really change in general) but I didn’t feel overwhelmingly compelled by Olive.

She is a tough cookie, but she is also intensely vulnerable, so I had no trouble connecting with her as a main character. I struggled with determining where the story was going, or why. It turned out to be a lovely story about a woman who is experiencing the complicated emotions (AND EVENTS) of aging.

As I said, it was lovely, but I probably would have enjoyed it more as an older adult or if I had read the original Olive.