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By: Tana French

Narrated by: Paul Nugent

I was craving something light and random when my mom suggested that we give this one a listen. I was not expected a murder mystery, but that’s what I got. I do consider a murder mystery to be light reading, because it was not about racism, classism, or about anyone who I really recognized as belonging to my world. A twisted definition of a “light” read, I suppose.

The story flowed well. It was definitely a “page turned” (listened on audible). I thoroughly enjoyed the character of the Uncle, who was perhaps, the only person I felt a real connection to. The main character was a little too flawed in ways that made me just not like him. Essentially, this story is one that delves into the past, and carefully unzippers the sanitized versions of reality that the main character has woven together about his life. Once he is forced to face his privilege, he learns truths about the people he thought he knew best, he experiences their trauma. And, in discovering these new truths, he realizes that NOTHING in his life  aligns with his own previously held understanding of the world around him, and his place in it.