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Book #30: The Murmur of Bees **

By: Sofia Segovia Translated by: Simon Bruni THIS BOOK IS THE REAL DEAL! Magical realism, mixed with historical fiction, with a little bonus of learning how people in Mexico fared through the pandemic of 1918 (this book was written 5 years ago, so that bit does not...

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Book #12: Such a Fun Age

By: Kiley Reid Narrated By: Nicole Lewis This is the highly anticipated debut novel by Kiley Reid. I had avoided this book until now because I don't like the title, but after deciding that wasn't a...

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March In Review

Reading is surprisingly difficult when there is a global pandemic taking over your life!! March had us mostly adjusting the way we operate 100%. I am able to work from home, and so my days are still...

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Book #11: Olive, Again

By: Elizabeth Strout Because I like to go into books mostly blind, I, didn't necessarily do my homework on this one. This was actually the last book I bought in 2019, before beginning this challenge...

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Book #9: Homegoing

By: Yaa Gyasi Wooooow. What a book. I was hooked from page 1, and stayed hooked throughout the entire novel. I say "novel," and it is, but it really is essentially a collection of short stories that...

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March Reboot

Happy Women's History Month! February was rough and I only got one additional book in. Between work and work and running around, I intended to read about 6 books, and I just did not make it very far...

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Welcome to the last book club

welcome to the last book club, one of the “other things.”

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